Attribute Description
AmbientValue Indicates the dummy value that causes the container value to be used. For example, setting a color to Color.Empty causes the container color for that property to be used.
Browsable Determines whether a public property appears in tools that support this attribute. The default is true.
Category Indicates the group of properties the item appears in.
DefaultValue Provides the default value for new objects, but doesn't persist a matching value or support reset.
Description Contains the text that appears at the bottom of the property grid.
Editor Indicates the drop-down editor to use in displaying a property.
EditorBrowsable Indicates that this value is interesting in an editor; it's also used to exclude a value from IntelliSense.
ParenthesizePropertyName Puts parentheses around the property name in the property grid. This makes the property name appear at the top when the list is alphabetical.
ReadOnly Indicates that a property is read only and should not be changed through the property grid.

Table 1 Affect Design-Time Behavior.
The System.ComponentModel namespace includes a handful of attributes you can apply to properties in a user control or component class to affect design-time behavior. Additional attributes are contained in other WinForms and ASP.NET namespaces.