Term Description
Dictation Free-form speech that uses the built-in dictionary
Grammar A list of words or phrases that the speech recognition engine attempts to match
SAPI Speech API; various versions ship with Microsoft operating systems to provide accessibility features
SpeechRecognizer A class in System.Speech that provides basic speech recognition functionality; exposes useful coarse-grained functionality without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying API
SpeechRecognitionEngine SpeechRecognizer's ugly bigger brother; cheerfully gives you lots and lots of rope to hang yourself with
Text-to-Speech (TTS) The ability to provide words or phrases as text and have them read aloud by the application

Table 1 Know Your Lingo.
Like many other programming sub-disciplines, speech applications have their jargon. This short list explains a handful of the more common terms you'll encounter when creating speech-based applications in .NET. Note that dictation and grammar have special meanings in speech applications that differ somewhat from their traditional meanings.