XML • Fail a Build.

Listing 2. This build fails because the Windows service is unable to find devenv.exe to compile the code. This occurs because you must specify explicitly which version of Visual Studio.NET you're using. Correct this problem by stopping the Windows service, adding the attribute “edition” with a value of “2003” to the devenv element in draco.exe.config, and restarting the service. The build should succeed now.

<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<BuildResult xmlns:xsd=
<BuildOutput>Failed to process build ‘DotProduct'.
The following exception occurred:
System.ApplicationException: DevStudio.NET does not
appear to be installed at
at Chive.Draco.Tool.DevEnvBuildTool.Execute(
String workingDirectory)
at Chive.Draco.BuildRunner.BuildModule(
Modification[] mods)
Diagnostic information
Working directory: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\tmpBC.tmp</BuildOutput>
<Comment />
<File>DotP.cs </File>