Method Return Type Parameters Description
GetLookupInfo DataSet N/A Returns a dataset containing week and category information for use as lookups.
ValidateUser int string userName, string password, PasswordType type Validates that the user is in the system.
AddUser int string userName, string password Adds a new user to the system.
DeleteTask void* int taskID Deletes a single task item.
GetTask Task int taskID Returns a single task.
GetTasks DataSet int weekID, int userID Returns an array of Task objects for the given week and user.
SaveTask void* Task taskToSave Saves or updates a task in the database.

*Void indicates a sub rather than a function in VB. When entering these methods in VB, leave the return type blank.

Table 3 Create Methods in the Service Class.
The Service class provides access to the database and any business logic implemented by the application. The Service class supports these seven methods. The Task structure is used to pass data to and from the Web services.