Property Description
Access Access Modifier (public, private, and so on).
Custom Attributes Any custom attributes that are applied to the class.
File Name Read-only* property containing the name of the file in which the class is located.
Full Name Read-only* property that gives the full, namespace qualified name of the class.
Generic Read-only* property that indicates if the class is a generic class (for more information, see Generics in the MSDN documentation).
Implements Read-only* property that lists all the interfaces implemented by this class.
Inheritance Modifier Indicates how (if) this class can be inherited. The available options are: None, Abstract (MustInherit in VB), Sealed (NotInheritable in VB), and Static (no equivalent in VB). Does not apply to structures.
Inherits Read-only* property indicating the base class of this class. Does not apply to structures.
Name The name of this class.
New Member Location The name of the class file in which new members are added. This is for use with partial classes (for more information, see Partial Classes in the MSDN documentation).
Remarks General comments about the class.
Summary A summary of the class purpose/functionality.

*All of the read-only attributes can be modified by choices made in code; they are just not modifiable through the Properties window.

Table 1 Customize the Class Diagram.
These options are available for classes and structures on the Class Designer design surface. You can generally change read-only properties for these objects directly within the code.