VB.NET, C# • Load a String From a Resource File

Listing 1. This VB.NET and C# code shows how you can retrieve a string from a resource file, or more precisely, from a resource file embedded in a .NET assembly. The .NET runtime always looks for a satellite assembly holding the resources corresponding to the culture assigned to the UI thread, and reverts to the resources stored in the main assembly if the search fails.

' [Visual Basic]
' assumes that the project's root namespace 
' is CodeArchitects
Dim resFile As String = "CodeArchitects.Strings"
Dim resMan As New ResourceManager(resFile, _
Dim greetings As String = _

// [C#]
// assumes that the project's default namespace 
// is CodeArchitects
string resFile = "CodeArchitects.Strings";
ResourceManager resMan = new ResourceManager( 
	resFile, Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());
string greetings = resMan.GetString("Greetings");