VB.NET•It Starts With a Basic Class

Listing 1. The PropertyGrid is pretty smart about how it presents the members of your class for editing. You can enhance its presentation even more by adding a few simple attributes.

Imports System.ComponentModel
<DefaultProperty("Name")> _
   Public Class City
   ' ----- Download code for details.
   Private mLocation As LatLong = _
      New LatLong("0.00N", "0.00W")

   <Category("Settings"), _
      Browsable(True), _
      Bindable(False), _
      Description("Latitude and " & _
      "longitude of the city."), _
      MergableProperty(False)> _
      Public Property Location() As LatLong
         Return mLocation
      End Get
      Set(ByVal Value As LatLong)
         mLocation = Value
      End Set
   End Property
End Class