C#•Create File Nodes

Listing 2. The CreateFileNode method creates a TreeNode object of type "file" and sets its appropriate properties, including where it should navigate to when a user clicks on it. Return the node to the calling code block so you can add it to a treeview.

// Create file TreeNode from specified path
private TreeNode CreateFileNode(string sPath, 
   string sText)
   // Create a node
   TreeNode oNode = new TreeNode();
   // Set the type to be file
   oNode.Type = "file";
   // Set the display text for the node
   oNode.Text = sText;
   // Setup the hyperlink
   // Grab folder structure starting at project 
   // root
   string sUrl = "/" + 
   // Flip the slashes
   sUrl = sUrl.Replace("\\", "/");
   // Set the hyperlink
   oNode.NavigateUrl = sUrl;
   // Point target for hyperlink to iframe
   // Return the file node
   return oNode;