VB.NET • Check Access

Listing 1. You call the AccessCheck function on the client context to request permissions from Authorization Manager on a list of operations. The operations parameter contains the list of operation IDs for which the code requests permission.

Private Function DoCheck() As Boolean
     Dim objectname_foraudit_purpose_only As String = "acheck"
     Dim scopes() As Object = {""}
     Dim op_1 As Integer = 1
     Dim op_2 As Integer = 2
     Dim operations As Object() = New Object() {op_1, op_2}
     Dim results() As Object = _
          CType(m_IAzClientContext.AccessCheck( _
          objectname_foraudit_purpose_only, _
          scopes, operations), Object())
     For Each l_res As Object In results
          If Not CType(l_res, Integer) = 0 Then
               Return False
          End If
     Return True
End Function