VB.NET • Create an Acceptor

Listing 1. The first step to transferring a file is to create an acceptor. This code goes in the Uploader ASPX Page_Load event. The acceptor finds the filename sent from the requestor, retrieves the file data, and saves the data to the local server.

FilePath = Server.MapPath( _
	"<your local server directory here>"

	' Get the name of the file being 
	' uploaded - only 1 per post allowed
	LocalFileName = Request.Files.AllKeys(0)
	PostFile = Request.Files(LocalFileName)

	If FileName <> "" Then
		' Now save it to the mapped subdirectory
	PostFile.SaveAs(LocalFilePath & LocalFileName)

	' Send the success message to the 
	' posting agent
	lblStatus.Text = "File: " & _
		PostFile.FileName & "posted successfully."
		' Let post agent know that no file name 
		' was specified
	lblStatus.Text = _
		"Error Posting File: Status=" & ex.Message
	End If

Catch ex As Exception
	' Write out the error for the posting agent 
	' to read
	lblStatus.Text = _
		"Error Posting File: Status=" & ex.Message

End Try